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"Tonight I had occasion to pick up a copy of The Spark, Marxist Theory and
Discussion, a publication of the Communist Party of Canada.It carries a
review of Lysenko’s Ghost: Epigenetics and Russia.  The reviewer claims
that advances in science have vindicated Lysenko."

Lysenko perhaps, but more so Lamarck. Not just this book. Lots and lots of
recent research.

New Neuroscience Discovery May Disrupt Biology

Study shows that nervous system cells can transmit information to progeny.


Posted Jun 10, 2019

Can knowledge acquired during a lifetime be passed on to future
generations? Using innovative technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9,
optogenetics, and small RNA-sequencing analysis, scientists are closer to
answering this question. On June 6, 2019, researchers at Tel Aviv
University published a landmark study in Cell that shows how cells in the
nervous system pass on information to future generations in worms.


Based on this, Lamarck's giraffe didn't even have to stretch its neck, it
just had to think about doing that, for that information to be passed on.

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