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> "As the results came in, the scale of the upset became apparent: a
> decisive 52:48 defeat for the government and its array of international
> allies, on a 72.2 per cent turnout that broke all recent records. In
> social terms, nearly two-thirds of the working class (C2, D, E), which
> overall makes up some 46 per cent of the population, voted Leave, on a
> turnout six or seven points above recent general elections."
> https://newleftreview.org/issues/II100/articles/susan-watkins-casting-off

Not sure about the two-thirds of the working class voting Brexit in 2016.
According to Wayne Asher in International Socialism, referring to the
extremely detailed Ashcroft data analysis of the brexit vote
http://isj.org.uk/the-left-and-brexit/#footnote-10080-13-backlink :

● Two out of three Labour voters voted Remain. (I suppose that voting
Labour rather than Tory counts as the minimum entry level of class

● A majority of those in work voted Remain, irrespective of whether they
were in part-time or full-time work.

● Two-thirds (67 percent) of those describing themselves as Asian voted
Remain. Four out of five black voters (73 percent) voted Remain, and 70
percent of Muslim voters did so too. These voters obviously understand the
real dog-whistle message during the referendum campaign.

● The generally accepted idea that working class areas voted massively for
Leave is only partially correct; many did, but traditional working class
areas in London delivered the highest Remain votes (peaking at 75 percent
in Haringey and 78 percent in Hackney and Lambeth). Remain won in most of
the great working class regional capitals (Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester,
Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.) Only three cities of
similar importance voted Leave and even then they did so by tiny margins
(Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham). Working class Scotland voted massively
for Remain of course.

Not sure how much this holds up in this election. But where the above says
two-thirds of "the working class" voted brexit and describes that as
categories C2, D and E, this may be sweeping together completely different
things, because according to one set of good data on this election - once
again by "Lord" Ashcroft - while the Tories beat Labour in all social class
categories, the biggest Tory lead was among C2 voters (ie skilled workers),
by a margin of 20 points, whereas the *smallest* Tory lead over Labour was
among D & E voters (ie, "Semi-skilled & unskilled manual occupations,
Unemployed and lowest grade occupations"), a lead of only 6 points (much
less than the 12 and 3 point Tory lead in the middle class/white collar
worker and upper class categories)


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