[Marxism] MAGA MMA Fighter Makes a Titanic Error by Taunting His Immigrant Opponent | The Nation

Jeffrey Masko j.alan.masko at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 15:29:59 MST 2019

1. It wasn't a dirty fight...accidental eye poke
2. Lots of folks have noted that regardless of his character, he stood in
two rounds with a non-displaced jaw fracture so say he fought without honor
is not the way the MMA community sees it. Usman seemed to take a kick near
the groin but allowed stoppage anyway, many thought he took advantage the
ref's lack of line of sight.
3. The UFC roster is full ofTrump supporters who keep it to themselves,
only Cody has opted to the play the "heel" as in pro wrestling as he
himself has said as he was about to be dropped from the UFC. That said,
whether or not this is totally a fabridcated stage character, or one that
has real ife echos is unknown for sure, but most of his former teammates
and friends look down how he doubled down with Trump to boost his image.
4. The Trumps are using him as much as he uses them in order to get the
legitmation only a sports star can give a president.
5.  I love Dave Zirin, but I don't think he is much of a MMA fan, and
prolly didn't watch the event which helps if you're covering sports.
6. The fight was very, very close going into the 2nd half of the last round
and was close to going either way, something I don't think you get from
Dave's account. The judges had it 3-1 Usman, 3-1 Covington, and 2-2...
7. Colby now has more fans than ever who don't care if it's an act.

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