[Marxism] Call for Solidarity with Uprisings in the Middle East & North Africa

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 18 19:55:20 MST 2019

https://newpol.org/call-for-solidarity-with-uprisings-in-the-middle-east-north-africa/ <https://newpol.org/call-for-solidarity-with-uprisings-in-the-middle-east-north-africa/>

...will the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa succeed in moving the region in a progressive and revolutionary direction, or will authoritarian regimes simply change face, survive and engage in endless wars?
Which scenario will prevail? Much depends on what progressives around the world do at this critical moment to express their solidarity with these revolts. The current international mobilizations especially of environmental activists and feminists against capitalist exploitation and oppression of humanity and nature are promising.  Our destinies are linked.

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