[Marxism] A New Brexit Settlement? - CounterPunch.org

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 19 06:53:33 MST 2019

Most fundamentally, thanks to Farage’s strategic decision, Johnson won 
by taking constituencies hardest hit by Britain’s industrial decline 
through joblessness, cuts to services and general hopelessness. Though 
circumstances have forced Tory leaders into a rhetorical centrism and 
Johnson claims to be a ‘One Nation Tory’, little in their policies 
substantiates these claims and soon there will be less. Johnson wishes 
to replace EU relations with a new closeness to the US. The resulting 
economic pain for the British public can only make it harder for the 
Conservatives to win elections, prompting them into wilder and more 
disruptive stratagems.


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