[Marxism] Diversity Rules Environment, OK? - CounterPunch.org

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 20 08:50:44 MST 2019

The truth is that the corporate-government axis might indeed want to 
reduce climate chaos – why not? – but it isn’t prepared to cut 
consumption; quite the contrary, it’s desperate for growth. It wants to 
continue “business as usual” while appearing as green as it can, as an 
advertising gimmick and to stifle criticism. It tries to impose its 
one-size-fits-all model despite the fact that it is destructive, visibly 
failing, and is now threatening all life. We need a vigorous push back, 
to reclaim the earth from the crazed ideology of perpetual growth which 
brings so much lethal pollution and suffering.

To bring meaningful change to this dilemma, the first step must be to 
stop destroying those who now produce little or no pollution and who 
live largely self-sufficiently, by hunting, herding, or growing their 
own food. They are not only tribal and indigenous people, but many local 
farmers. We must stop governments and industries taking their land and 
forcing them into the dysfunctional mainstream. We must reverse this by 
actively encouraging their ways of life and by listening to the lessons 
they have learned from the Earth over thousands of years, lessons which 
have enabled them to survive and thrive, but which are deliberately 
suppressed by industrialization. These, largely self-sufficient, peoples 
are still the most adaptable on the planet, and they must be at the 
center of the change which will enable us all to continue living on it.

This is no call for a romantic and illusory past, it’s a recognition 
that humankind has evolved and survived – so far – only because of our 
agile adaptability. We have created vast and precious human diversity 
which simply cannot be replicated in a few generations: Once it’s gone, 
it’s gone. If the keys to our survival lie anywhere, this is where we 
must start looking for them.


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