[Marxism] Australia Burning · LRB

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 20 11:45:53 MST 2019

Morrison is the most religious prime minister this deeply secular nation 
has ever elected. On the May election trail, News Corp showed footage of 
a cap-wearing ‘ScoMo’ shearing sheep or turning sausages at local 
barbecues. But another video, taken with Morrison’s permission, showed 
him joining enthusiastically with the worshippers talking in tongues at 
the service he attends every Sunday at Sydney’s Horizon Church. Horizon 
preaches a strain of Pentecostalism that believes the End Times are 
coming (‘for the lord will execute judgment by fire’ etc.). Could it be 
that at some level the PM counts God’s will, if not his wrath, among the 
‘other issues’ causing the fires?


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