[Marxism] UK Vox Pops Down Under

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 16:03:24 MST 2019

I am still doing my politics boycott thing. I do not read the Guardian, my
previous source of news. I will not watch TV news and I have slacked off
twitter. So I am generally under informed. I still think that is the recipe
for bliss.

Still things filter thru the censorship and I have been made aware of some
vox pops from the UK that were shown on Aussie TV. When I lectured on the
media I used to tell my students that they had to ask "Why am I being shown
this?" - useful stuff from Paranoia 101.

So applying that test, I wondered why we were being shown a lady from
Bolton (?) saying she voted Tory ":for a change".  the interviewer pointed
out with joy that the "Tories had been in power for 9 years and got the
reply "not here" or something. The poor dear was confusing local and
national levels of government. Or something.

 So why were we shown this?

The answer lies in my response. I went into a rage about the stupidity of
the English worming class.  My despair deepened. Only reading a column by
Richard Seymour could have depressed me more.

Now what if I had been educated at the "best school" & gone to Oxford?  How
would I have reacted? Well, I would have had my sense of superiority
confirmed. I would have snickered and smirked at the stupid woman who voted
for me while I squeezed every cent out of her community.  I would have been
laughing uproariously with my mates as we went off to winter in the
Bahamas. But above all I would have felt that the country needed me to be
in charge because the lower orders were cretinous.

And there we have it: the iron cage that is constructed for the minds of
the working class. But it is a long road that does not have a turning as my
old mom used to say. And my comrade young Proyect may yet prove correct
about the turn that the working class will be forced to make. It is
impossible to say when the working class will say "enough". But say it they
will and moreover because the UK did not do the moderate sensible thing and
vote in Labour the turn when it comes will need something like a Mandela to
prevent it being bloody. And I find no joy at all in that prospect.



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