[Marxism] HRC Releases Report on Epidemic of Anti-Transgender Violence | Human Rights Campaign

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 19:53:44 MST 2019

I wouldn't go so fast. While it's true that some or all of these may not
have been obviously motivated by anti-transgender sentiment, comparing the
number of trans murder victims to the number of murder victims overall is
not a meaningful estimate of anything. We'd have to figure out why all of
those other people were killed. If, hypothetically, 90% of crime victims in
the United States are killed during drug deals gone bad, for example, while
all of the trans victims were killed while heading home from the subway, it
isn't really a fair comparison. We would need to know how each of the trans
people were killed and figure out how many people were killed for similar
reasons / in similar circumstances and see if there were more trans people
killed percentage-wise. That would tell us that even when there is no
obvious motive, trans people are still more likely to meet with fatal
violence (or not).

Amith R. Gupta

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> I think this is at least in part a fair critique, and in fact I had
> developed misgivings about the report after sending it, but hadn’t had time
> to follow up.
> Having said that, I think it’s also fair to consider that hostility from
> people who seem like they should be allies could lead people who are part
> of, or connected to, such a very marginalized and maligned group could
> contribute to an incautious use of statistics in trying to wage
> self-defense.
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