[Marxism] The myth of the red wall | Lewis Baston | The Critic Magazine

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Mon Dec 23 05:55:19 MST 2019

Many things set my teeth on edge during the 2019 election campaign. In 
this I suspect I was not alone, but leaving aside all the more overtly 
political and media things that irritated, depressed and alienated me 
there was one particular concept that bothered me on an analytical 
level. This was the so-called ‘Red Wall’. Until the 2019 campaign, ‘Red 
Wall’ conjured up fond memories of a very good hotel in Beijing within 
walking distance of Tiananmen Square, a refuge of calm and comfort in a 
very hectic city. During the election, the term was suddenly deployed to 
describe… what exactly? It seemed to mean the band of Labour-held 
constituencies between somewhere around Prestatyn in the west to either 
Hull or Tynemouth in the east, which most of us were quite happy to call 
‘urban northern England’ before the ‘Red Wall’ was discovered. The 
concept seemed, to this observer, to be reverse-engineered from a 
graphic designer’s idea of an election-night gimmick in which a big blue 
wrecking ball smashed into a red wall. But the wall never existed.

full: https://thecritic.co.uk/the-myth-of-the-red-wall/

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