[Marxism] » On Those Questionable US Wage Stats…Again

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 23 06:05:32 MST 2019

Various independent business, bank and other wage surveys area 
increasingly supporting the alternative view that US wages have hardly 
risen at all in recent years–either under Trump or before under Obama. 
Or for decades now for that matter.

Here’s two more recent, independent surveys supporting that alternative 

The latest Bankrate survey, released just this past week, showed that 
51% of all workers (about 82 million) in the US DID NOT GET A WAGE 
INCREASE at all this past year. (And 22% of the remaining 49%, who did 
get a raise, got it by moving to another job and not from their employer 
actually hiking their pay. Moreover, the employer they changed to may 
have not actually raised their wage on their new job, even if the worker 
who changed jobs realized a high wage. But the Labor Dept. considers 
that a wage increase, even if in the real economy no wages were actually 
raised. So for the economy as a whole even that 22% is likely 
overestimated as well, even if the individual worker realized a wage hike).


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