[Marxism] ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’s’ racist lyrics reflect its slave owner author, Francis Scott Key

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 25 14:35:35 MST 2019

Francis Scott Key was a rich slave-owner who persuaded President Andrew 
Jackson, the symbol of grass-roots democracy for Sean Wilentz, to make 
his brother-in-law Roger Taney the chief justice of the Supreme Court. 
 From the article: "Roundly hated north of the Mason-Dixon line, Taney 
lived long enough to author the 1857 Dred Scott Supreme Court opinion, 
the most starkly racist high court decision in history. Taney struck 
down the argument that free blacks could become citizens in free states 
like Illinois and further declared that all blacks, whether slave or 
free, were never entitled to any rights, period."


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