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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 27 06:07:51 MST 2019

Thirty years ago, the end of history was rumored to have begun. Though 
that thesis now looks quaint to say the least, the events that prodded 
it have left a deep and lasting impression on much of the world, perhaps 
most of all on central and eastern Europe, where the “transition” or 
Wende to the neoliberal monoculture began. In the next two weeks, we at 
LeftEast will be publishing a series of nine essays on the effects of 
1989 on post-state-socialist Europe and beyond. The pieces were 
developed around the workshop “Eastern Europe after 30 years of 
transition: New emancipatory perspectives from the region,” held in 
Prague on 25-26 October 2019, organised by the Transnational Institute 
(Amsterdam) and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Prague). In addition to 
their commentary on the present, these articles also give a virtual tour 
of the collapsing state-socialist world at the moment of its demise, 
through the memory of those who lived through it, and implore us to 
reconsider what critical memory might look like, that is, memory that 
helps us work toward a substantially different future. Our survey begins 
in Poland.

full: http://www.criticatac.ro/lefteast/bread-and-fear/

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