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Fri Dec 27 11:17:33 MST 2019

Regarding slavery and the American Revolution:

There seems to be a tendency on the US left to simply denounce any event in
US history that the US capitalist class uses to boost patriotism. It's
entirely possible to be clear on the racist, exploitative and repressive
role of the "founding fathers" and still see the American revolution as a
positive step.

First of all, regarding slavery itself: British colonialism's support for
slavery was made clear during the US Civil War, in which Britain tried to
intervene on the side of the slave owners. I think that had Britain
retained control over the 13 colonies, slavery would have lasted longer
than it did and would have spread beyond the area that it did.

There was also an increasing danger of slave revolts. Had Britain been able
to keep a troop presence in the colonies, those troops would have drowned
in blood the slightest tendency towards revolt. (As far as the Native
Americans - they were the ones who truly had no interest in the outcome of
the Revolution since British troops would have been used to slaughter them
like the American troops were after the Revolution.)

In a more general sense, how North America developed would have been a lot
more similar to the development of India/Pakistan or Nigeria - or even
Ireland - than it was, with the difference being that outright slavery
would have been woven into the overall fabric of US society and the US
economy even more than it was.

John Reimann

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