[Marxism] Behind the attack on New York Times Project 1619 | Louis Proyect

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 27 11:55:36 MST 2019

On 12/27/19 1:17 PM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:
>   (As far as the Native
> Americans - they were the ones who truly had no interest in the outcome of
> the Revolution since British troops would have been used to slaughter them
> like the American troops were after the Revolution.)

It's more complicated than that. The British tended to be more 
supportive of native land claims because they had no vested interest in 
their removal. It was the colonists who were far more threatening for 
the simple reason that they coveted Indian lands.

Joseph Brant, the Mohawk leader, fought alongside the British in the 
same manner that some slaves signed up with Lord Dunsmore. When 
Washington was victorious over the British, the consequences for the 
Mohawks was disastrous. Their villages were burned to the ground and 
their women and children slaughtered along with the men. General 
Sullivan carried out this attack. My village in upstate NY is in 
Sullivan County, named after this war criminal and racist.

As for the British and slavery, this article is worth reading:


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