[Marxism] On consciousness (political that is)

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 00:12:10 MST 2019

On twitter I have been sort of stunned by the reaction of the Left tweeters
to the news that the vicious right winger Ian Duncan Smith is to be
knighted. To be honest I was pleased by the news. It confirms everything I
believe about the residue of the caste system in the UK that is also known
as the honors system. But there is no doubting the outrage at the news IDS
was being honored.

I tweeted about it saying comrades should update their myths. But I think I
was mistaken about this. People come from different positions and what
means nothing to me can mean a lot to someone else & clearly that the
architect of the brutal attacks on the poor was to receive a knighthood
hurt a lot of lefties.

Revolutionary politics takes a lot of patience and as I get older I get
less patient. I can see my own personal time line ending while the
political time line stretches ever into the distance. Yet it is a mistake
to want time to pass so politics can make a turn to the left.

We must endure Trump & Johnson and Bolsonaro & all the rest of the shit.
For they will be rejected at some stage.



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