[Marxism] Lyndon LaRouche: The Conspiracist Who Earned a Following - POLITICO

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Dec 29 08:42:32 MST 2019

Robert Dreyfuss, who reports for publications ranging from Rolling Stone 
to the Nation, used to work for LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence 
Review. (A sample Dreyfuss sentence from 1980: “Exhibiting the strong 
flavor of faggotry, the puffy-cheeked, baby-faced [Robert] Moss combined 
the worst English pomposity with that exquisite simpering quality that 
most Americans dislike about the British aristocracy.”) David P. 
Goldman, whose byline has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and 
Commentary, got his start with LaRouche, too. A conspiracy book he 
co-wrote for the LaRouche organization managed the impressive error of 
confusing Milton Friedman the economist with a Milton Friedman who ran a 
liquor company.


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