[Marxism] Gender-critical in Ireland: marxism versus postmodern gender-theory in SWN/PBPA (the Cliff group)

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 13:53:23 MST 2019

This is a lot of crap tautologies combined with disproven and derogatory stereotypes about how trans women are all a bunch of pervy men trying to use the women’s restroom in order to mimic the frat boys from PORKYS. Here is a UCLA disproving that myth:


And here is a report on how bathroom bans lead to sexual assault of trans/genderqueer people:


So it would seem that the major goal you propose is the PERPETUATION of sex crime and not its hindrance.

It also refuses to admit that the nature of gender exists on a spectrum that has a multitude of identities and not just a male-female binary. This is much more clear if you have familiarity with the Indigenous trans gender-nonconformist community, wherein their ancient cultures predating the Columbian conquest upheld multiple gender identities and sacred roles for them.

As someone who is both able to count multiple gender-variant/nonconforming folk amongst their comrades as well as who is nonconformist, I find this TERF piffle both disgusting and factually wrong. It’s on the level of the crank Maoist nonsense from the’70s opposing legalizing abortion or the DSA position on the 1968 NYC teacher strike. Fuck this garbage and the horse it rode in on.

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Andrew Stewart 
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