[Marxism] [UCE] Gender-critical in Ireland

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 20:11:46 MST 2019

The argument of the resident misogynists like  and Andrew Stewart is
basically because *heterosexual men* attack and kill trans-identified
males, *women* should give up their spaces!

Like the Zionist argument that because white Christian Europeans persecuted
and butchered Jews, *Palestinians* should give up their spaces to Jewish
people and the Zionist project.

The misogynists even copy the Zionist methodology when confronted with
women who resist their space being invaded and taken over.  When
Palestinians resist and other people support them, the charge of
"anti-semitism" is hurled.

There is no more reason for women to give up their spaces to
trans-identified males than there is reason for Palestinians to give up
their space to Jewish people.

The fact that some men want women to be punished for the sins of the
straight men who bash and kill trans people simply reveals a strong strand
of misogyny.  make the women pay!

Andrew claims "bathroom bans lead to sexual assault of trans/genderqueer
people".  Not women's problem or responsibility.  That's men's problem and
responsibility.  The fact that a few people here are trying to put this
onto women reveals a real problem in their attitude to women.

And anyone who thinks we are dealing with a liberation movement needs to
open their eyes and smell the misogyny.  Indeed, violent misogyny permeates
trans-identified male attitudes to women.  Rape threats, incitement to
stabbings, murder threats etc are documented in the hundreds.

And, again, our resident misogynists' response is to ignore. excuse and/or
enable this violent misogyny.  Or they try to shift the goalposts by
talking about anti-trans violence, ignoring the fact that it is not
gender-critical women who are threatening rape, stabbings, beatings, murder
against trans - it is trans-identified males threatening it and inciting it
against women.

A small sample of the violent misogyny routinely directed at women by
trans-identified males:

Then, of course, there's the rapey entitlement culture of men claiming to
be lesbians and harassing and denouncing actual lesbians who are not
interested in them and their penises.

Fortunately, there is a growing response on the left against the new
misogyny.  Some expressions of this on the internet are the Gender Critical
Left group of Marxists, anarcho-syndicalists and left social democrats on
facebook, a large percentage of which are women; the Gay Men Address Gender
Identity group on fb; the LGB Gender Critical Radicals on fb; and others.

I won't be engaging with the likes of Andrew Steward, and any other
misogynists here.  With their super-entitled demands on women they do tend
to expose themselves.


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