[Marxism] Excellent critique of New Trans ideology by Australian feminist,

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Tue Jan 1 01:39:03 MST 2019

I think Andrew Stewart's excellent and considered reply to Philip
Ferguson's  sharing of  a transphobic POV needs to be celebrated.

GLW also has extensively covered the debate in support of transgender
& intersex rights.


I think it's a no-brainer...as to the side you should be on.

Sharing anti-trans politics (in the context of education debates in
Australia) needs a lot more substance  than what Andrew rightly calls
'straw men' arguments offered via Ferguson's link..

Pseudo-headings about 'Trans Ideology'  don't cut it, Phil.

For those interested in the topic, I recommend this site for an up
close  & personal POV about, what I'd call, reality -- rather than be
ruled by phobic notions:

dave riley

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