[Marxism] Thinking Past Fidel

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Steve Cushion's book is excellent.  I would also draw attention to my own much more modest pamphlet:

Cuba -- How the workers and peasants made the revolution:


Chris Slee

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While Fidel Castro’s extraordinary influence and power can never be
ignored, we still know far too little about how or why many thousands of
ordinary Cubans participated in making the revolution. This is
particularly true of the Cuban labor movement, which many observers have
described as apathetic, passive, and demoralized by corrupt union
bosses, and thus not particularly active in the revolutionary movement.

Steve Cushion’s new book, A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution: How
the Working Class Shaped the Guerrillas’ Victory, is a useful corrective
to those assumptions and provides an important shift of historical
perspective as Cuba moves beyond its historic leadership. Cushion argues
persuasively that the island’s working class made a vital contribution
to the revolutionary movement.

Without discounting the role of the rebel army or the urban middle
class, he argues that there was also “a third arm to the rebel forces, a
revolutionary labor movement.” In the first deeply researched historical
study on this topic, Cushion shows how organized labor contributed both
directly and indirectly to the revolutionary struggle.

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