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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 2 05:57:33 MST 2019

In general, Iran-Syria relations since their early days have been an 
unequal partnership in Syria’s favor. Syria has always acted according 
to its own interests and has been unwilling to go out of its way to aid 
Tehran. In the 1980s and 1990s, Syria fought against Iranian influence 
in Lebanon. When the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference offered Damascus a 
hope that peace with Israel might be forthcoming and that it could 
regain the Golan Heights, Syrian leader Hafez al-Assad ignored Iranian 
concerns about his attendance at the conference. If Syria has had to 
maintain its Tehran connection, it has been because neither Israel nor 
Arab states have made it worth Damascus’ while to cut its ties to Iran. 
Syria has been a bottomless pit into which Iran has poured its meager 
resources that could have been used for domestic development. Meanwhile, 
should there be a need to fil the vacuum created by the U.S. departure, 
most likely it would be Turkey that would do so. Any action in this 
regard by Iran would certainly trigger a strong and negative U.S. and 
European reaction, which given its current conditions Tehran can ill 
afford. Nor would Iran be in a position to challenge Ankara. At the 
moment, Iran needs Turkey’s good will and cooperation more than ever in 
trying to survive the impact of U.S. sanctions.

full: https://lobelog.com/why-iran-is-not-the-winner-in-syria/

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