[Marxism] Syria: Assad has decisively won his brutal battle

mkaradjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 06:48:27 MST 2019

... The nature of this conflict, then, has changed drastically, with
influential Arab countries now using their diplomatic capital to enable the
regime to restore control over Syria. Countries that once funded the
opposition fighting against Assad are working hard to strengthen him in the
hope that he becomes less reliant on their rivals.

Turkish officials have also frequently stated that they would welcome a
regime takeover of YPG-controlled areas if that involved removing the
militia from those areas. Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said on
Friday that Turkey would have “no business in Manbij if the YPG terrorists

Aside from fears related to Iran and Turkey, the recent tumultuous
geopolitical changes in the region also favour a lasting consolidation for
Assad. A counter-revolutionary axis, led by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain
and Egypt, sees his victory as part of their effort to reverse the legacy
of the popular uprisings of 2011 and restore autocratic rule throughout the
greater Middle East. Even though the UAE frames its diplomatic move as a
way to counter Iran, the real driver in Syria – as it was in Egypt and
Libya– is about restoring the *status quo ante*.
This suggests that Assad is unlikely to face the isolation that Saddam
faced in the 1990s. Jordan has already reopened its borders with Syria,
meaning that Damascus now has trade ties with all its neighbours except

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