[Marxism] Mass protests across Europe show that a new politics is on the horizon | Lefteast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 4 06:34:08 MST 2019

Over the following weeks, seemingly unrelated protests also took place 
across Europe.

A series of weekly protests began against government-inspired violence 
in Serbia after the leader of a small left-leaning party was violently 
assaulted while visiting the small town of Kruševac on 23 November. Tens 
of thousands took to the streets of the capital city Belgrade on 22 

A major teachers’ strike and protest in Lithuania started in late 
November and led to the downfall of a Minister of Education and Science 
in early December.

In Albania, a student protest wave which had brought 50,000 on the 
streets of the capital Tirana on 4 December led to a cabinet reshuffle 
as the Albanian PM Edi Rama sacked seven ministers on 29 December in an 
attempt to stem the spreading tide of protest.

Demonstrations also started in Hungary, following the passing on 12 
December of the so-called ’slave law’ which made it possible to do 400 
hours of overtime every year. Ten thousand people marched in Budapest, 
giving a focus for various popular initiatives to coalesce and seek to 
channel discontent.

Protests in Republika Srpska, the the Serb part of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 
which had begun in March 2018, also reached a dramatic peak on 25 
December as police arrested the parents of the young man whose 
suspicious death had kick-started protests earlier in the year.

Strikes and demonstrations have broken out in Catalonia since early 
November, as the province of Spain which declared independence last year 
saw major confrontation continue with the new government in Madrid. 
Clashes with Spanish police ensued.


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