[Marxism] Can the Jewish Community Benefit from White Privilege If They Are Targets of White Supremacy?

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Fri Jan 4 07:57:04 MST 2019

This really lost me at:

> No one should make excuses for Minister Farrakhan, but if he should be condemned, then shouldn’t white leaders have to condemn any association with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterian Church in America or the entire Republican Party?

For one, I would hope someone who is associated with a leader (not simply being baptist or presbyterian or catholic) like a Falwell or Dobson would be questioned about it if they were part of a progressive movement that is antithetical to what is spewed by those men.

Weirdest thing is what Tamika Mallory said that this is written about is the more sensible point. She said white people benefit from white privilege.

But this piece then fails to mention any of the other, actually problematic, statements said to be by her.

It is true people are wrongly associated with and called to condemn Farrakhan, recent example https://twitter.com/SethAMandel/status/1067893380334723093, but this fact shouldn't be used to say associations with Farrakhan, Dobson, Falwell shouldn't be condemned.

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