[Marxism] YPG seeks alliance with Assad

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Ocalan argues for building "a system of democratic self-organisation in Kurdistan with the features of a confederation".  This would be a "non-state" form of organisation.


But he also says:  "It is not realistic ... to go for the immediate abolition of the state.  This does not mean we have to take it as it is ... The institutional state needs to be subject to democratic changes".

Hence the PKK has been willing to negotiate with the Turkish government, seeking a peace deal that would include recognition of Kurdish identity, cultural and language rights, freedom of expression and organisation, and democratic elections.  Ocalan himself was involved in negotiations with government officials, while still in prison.  The government broke off these negotiations.

Similarly the PYD and the autonomous administration of northeastern Syria have been willing to negotiate with the Assad regime.  Not surprisingly, these negotiations have failed to reach agreement on democratising Syria.

However the pressures on the autonomous administration are increasing.  Turkey has invaded Afrin and is threatening to invade Manbij and the rest of northeastern Syria.

The presence of US troops has up to now deterred a Turkish invasion.  But Trump has promised to withdraw them, though the timing remains unclear.

The threat of a Turkish invasion might force the northeast Syria administration to accept a bad deal with Russia and Assad. But this has not happened yet. 

So far the only thing that has happened is that some Syrian and Russian troops have moved to Arima to deter a Turkish attack on Manbij.  

Probably Assad's motivation in sending the troops is a fear that Turkey will permanently occupy a large part of northern Syria (like Israel's occupation of the Golan heights).

But Assad is obviously not a reliable ally for a democratic movement.

Chris Slee

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"“Reaching a solution between the autonomous administration and the Syrian
government is inevitable because our areas are part of Syria,” said Khalil."
So much for Ocalanist federated non-state communal blah blah blah.
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