[Marxism] YPG seeks alliance with Assad

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Sun Jan 6 16:39:52 MST 2019

A minor but not insignificant point is that Rudaw is *not* a “pro-YPG”
source. It’s a media company based in the Iraqi KRG and close to the KDP
leadership, bitterly hostile to the Rojava revolution. On that basis Rudaw
has had some problems operating in Rojava. While this report may be
accurate Rudaw won’t necessarily give any objective accounts of the balance
of opinion.

In any case some compromise with the regime appears inevitable. As it is
for the remnant rebel forces. Comrades seem to forget this is how virtually
all struggles end up this side of world socialism, the balance of forces
determining how good or bad each compromise is, and how well each side is
equipped for the next stage. Even the left taking power in one area means
ongoing compromises with capitalist forces, claims of an Apoist goal of
instant (and presumably autarkic) anarcho-communism notwithstanding.

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> *Deal with Syria regime ‘inevitable’: Kurdish commander *
> By AFP <http://www.rudaw.net/english/authors/afp>2019-01-05
> http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/syria/05012019
> This is from a pro-YPG source. Not surprisingly.
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