[Marxism] The logic behind the rhetoric

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 08:51:09 MST 2019

The ruling BJP in India and its parental Fascist outfit RSS,  have been on an ideological overdrive since 2014 when they came to power. 
Their pet theory was that Hinduism was the dominating world religion for the last 50 thousand years or 100 thousand years as you please.
Lord Ram had ruled the whole globe for 10 thousand years and his ruling period was the golden age of the world, unsurpassed since then.
India is the land where Aryans had emerged and they had spread throughout the world, educating the barbarians. (It does not matter that latest genetic research by many labs, including the Harvard Medical School had ruled out any major migrations out of India, thousands of years ago. RSS had declared that Western science and especially genetic research is fake and only the genetics propounded in the Vedas (?) is authentic).
India had flying machines, intergalactic travel and nuclear weapons since antiquity. The technology was stolen by the West and they had built rockets and atom bombs (they quote Oppenheimer to assert this).
Ancient India had test tube babies and plastic surgery. A baby elephant's head was transplanted on Ganesha using plastic surgery. This , according to them is the indisputable proof. Modi himself had asserted in a previous Indian Science Congress, inviting ridicule and scorn from Indians and the world scientific community.
A minister in Modi's cabinet had claimed that Darwin's theory is wrong as no one, not even his grandfather had ever seen men emerging out of monkeys. He had confidently declared that Darwin is wrong! And he says that the Holy Vedas had declared so. Queried by journalists to reveal which stanza of Rigveda or any other Holy book mentions this fact, he thundered, "it is for you, ignorant fellows to find that out!" 
Another state chief minister had declared that pen drives were found in archaeological ruins. His proof: there is a boulder with a protrusion that vaguely resembles as USB port. His claim is that ancient India had super computers (take it with a pinch of salt: with boulder sized USB drives).
A prominent Indian scientist, Prof. Jayant Narlikar, who was a student of Fred Hoyle asked the Hindu fanatics to show him proof that Ancient India had knowledge of electro-magnets, without which neither atom bombs, nor space ships nor computers are possible. There was no answer from these "learned men."
One might brush off these rantings as religious fanaticism, but there is a clear political agenda behind all this.
By declaring that Hindu religion is tens of thousands of years old, they deny that the Indus Civilisation is non-Aryan. All Indians are descendants of Aryan races and the existence of Dravidians is a myth propagated by the West.
According to them, BJP and RSS are the torch bearers of HINDUTVA or the essence of Hinduism. Since Aryans and their Vedic Religion are  born here in India, all other religions are imports from outside. So India is the land of Hindus and others have to either convert to Hinduism or face expulsion from the country. This has successfully rallied many Hindus, believing that RSS and BJP will bring back the past glory of Hinduism. This trump card, they try to use every time the country faces an election. 
Modi had brought down India economy to new lows during his tenure. His Currency withdrawal, Goods and Services Tax etc, have damaged the economy. Nearly 12.5 million jobs are lost with the economy in slump. His open corruption in the case of buying of French Jets (the Rafale) had caused considerable damage to his claim that he is running a corruption free administration. The details of the defence deal reveal that his close associates were benefited to the extent of hundreds of millions of Indian Rupees.
Indian farmers are on a warpath with agriculture getting impossible for millions of poor farmers across the country. nearly 350 thousand farmers had committed suicides by drinking pesticides, finding no way to pay off their debts.
There was enough proof that many businessmen close to Modi had cheated the Indian Government Banks to the tune of billions of Rupees and some of escaped out of the country.Modi promised 20 million new jobs every year, but the employment potential in the country is showing a consistent negative trend. Unemployment is at an alarming high.
In this background, the best weapon available to the Hindu supremacists is to create and circulate concocted stories about the glory of Hinduism and thus garner the votes of 84% of the electorate, who are Hindus. But it is to be seen whether religion is stronger than hunger.
Modi's ruling BJP had faced humiliating defeat in the recent elections to three North Indian states, which are supposed to be BJP's bastions. With the clear prospect of a debacle at the hustings in April 2019, the ruling BJP and RSS are on a hyprebolic rhetoric overdrive.

Vijaya Kumar Marla

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