[Marxism] Paul Buhle: "Who Would Believe It? Annals of the New Left Era"

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corrected link for Paul Buhle's book review


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> Counterpunch book review, Jan. 8, 2019
> "Of the various factions that sundered the Students for a Democratic
> Society at its most promising moment, 1969, when it had perhaps a hundred
> thousand student members and followers, the Progressive Labor Party is the
> one that has seemed to have fallen out of history. Apart from pretty
> uniformly unfriendly descriptions in various historical accounts, “PL” (as
> known to all, friend or foe) has had no talented memoirist, no extended
> documentary film treatment, and apparently no faithful members who could
> stick with it and make much of a claim for its value beyond the early
> 1970s.
> "Here, at last, is such a work. Although privately published, *You Say
> You Want a Revolution* has a chance in today’s fluid book market to reach
> thousands of old-timers and even young radicals with something far better
> than a “message.” The reminiscences in here are deeply personal, often
> deeply local, and offer just the kind of text that tells us how politics
> was lived, not written about by the intellectuals, or about the leaders who
> are remembered, while followers are forgotten. On those grounds alone, it’s
> a worthy book."
> full at ttps://
> www.counterpunch.org/2019/01/08/who-would-believe-it-annals-of-the-new-left-era/

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