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John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 10:35:53 MST 2019

It was good to see a socialist group mention Trump's money-laundering past,
even if it was just a throw-in along with a whole list of other crimes of

The article lists all the examples of the divisions at the top, how
different wings of the capitalist representatives are moving against Trump.
I think overall they will prefer to leave him in office and try to get him
out in 2020... as long as he's not a threat to domestic stability. That
means, as long as there's not a mass movement from below. And that is
exactly the question that the article completely fails to even consider -
in other words, the role of the working class.

Will the US see a renewed mass protest movement, maybe similar to the
yellow vests in France? If so, when and around what issue? If the
government shut down lasts much longer, then not only will nearly 1 million
federal workers not get paid, recipients of federal aid such as food stamps
and WIC won't get their money. This means, literally, that they will have
nothing to eat. Nothing. Will this lead to food riots or something of the
sort? I think it is such a movement that would be decisive in getting the
main tops of the capitalist class and their representatives and strategists
to move against Trump now, rather than wait till 2020. (I'm not saying they
wouldn't without that, but I think it's a lot less likely. I think they
were starting to conclude they had to when Trump announced his withdrawal
from Syria, but it now seems he's backing down from that move.)

John Reimann
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