[Marxism] a thought on fascism

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 03:30:46 MST 2019

I read Richard Seymour's piece on Bolsonaro. As always very intelligent. I
like his formulation of pre-fascism. However, I did have one slight
disagreement.  I think that the precondition for fascism is not the
presence of communism. Rather it is failed social democracy.  The presence
of communism does play a role in getting the elites to be afraid and to
hold their noses and back the fascist thugs.  But the mass base of fascism
requires the formula of social-democratic betrayal and that was present in
Prussia in the 30s and as well in Brazil.

But really we have to shed notions based on the constant conjunction of
events such as If A then B will follow.  That should be rewritten as If A
then there is a tendency for B to follow ceteris paribus.

All eyes on the UK next week. When May puts her deal to parliament. I think
it is going to be very close and I am tipping a May win actually.  But we
will see.




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