[Marxism] What do Trump?s ?withdrawal? from Syria and the Gulf?s rapprochement with Assad have in common?

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 12:46:31 MST 2019

I agree with much of Michael Karadjis's article, but not all.

As with almost all the rest of the left, and much as I respect his
writings, he leaves out a crucial factor: The closeness of Trump to the
Russian oligarchy/capitalist class due to his having served as a money
launderer for them for decades. Why is the socialist left ignoring this
established fact? Why is it ignoring it as a factor in the crisis with the
US capitalist class?

Clearly, it came into play in his announcement of withdrawing the US troops
"now". When I first heard the announcement, I said Trump had been in
contact either with Erdogan (who communicated Putin's wishes) or the
Saudis. This was a bit too crude of a way of putting it, but as far as the
Saudis, Michael kind of confirms the general process if not the specific
detail. As far as Erdogan - we now know that Trump had a phone conversation
with him a day or two before he made the announcement. I doubt that anybody
thinks that the issue of US troops in Syria did not arise. And does anybody
seriously think that the views of Putin weren't discussed? Why on earth
would they not have been?

Michael argues, correctly in my opinion, that "the idea that momentous
decisions are made entirely by one guy with quasi-dictatorial powers is
problematic." However, he then continues by saying: "Trump’s idiosyncrasies
aside, the decision to withdraw, and the consequences thereof, are entirely
within the bounds of US ruling class interests, so whether or not it was
entirely accidental is not so material."

How, then, does he explain the immediate resignation of Mattis and several
other key representatives of US capitalism within the Trump administration?
How does he explain the more recent position, as advanced by John Bolton:
“The president is slowing down and is re-evaluating his policies in light
of those three objectives: Don’t let Iran get the oil fields, don’t let the
Turks slaughter the Kurds, and don’t let ISIS come back.” As far as the
Kurds being slaughtered: There is a reason for that too, the reason being
that if they allowed that to happen there is no group nor regime in the
region that would ever trust the US government again.

But the main thing is this: for these conditions to be fulfilled, the US
troops are going to remain there for a very long time indeed. US troops
coming home "now"?


The US capitalist class has enforced its will on Trump, at least in this
instance. Although he's decisively proven that they cannot trust him. Not

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
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