[Marxism] What do Trump's "withdrawal" from Syria and the Gulf's rapprochement with Assad have in common?

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 06:09:07 MST 2019

Michael says that "the idea that momentous decisions are made entirely by
one guy with quasi-dictatorial powers is problematic" and that the decision
is within US imperialism's interests. The question is not whether it's
within US interests, it's whether it's within US interests as the
strategists for US capitalism conceive them. In other words, whether the
decision is within the strategy they have laid out.

I think the answer is definitively "no". That is why Mattis and others
almost immediately resigned when Trump made his announcement. It is also
why almost every major capitalist newspaper as well as the Council on
Foreign Affairs panned his announcement. It is also why Trump has now
reversed course. As we know, John Bolton has since laid out three
conditions for US troop withdrawal. They are: ISIS eliminated; Iran
influence eliminated; Kurds not slaughtered by Erdogan's forces. None of
those conditions can be assured, and Trump has since retreated. I think
it's pretty clear that he's not going to withdraw the US troops anytime

No, it is not in US interests, nor is it in their strategy, to get into a
military quagmire in Syria. The US troops have rarely been involved in
open, direct military battle.

Trump did not make the announcement purely on a whim. He did it within a
day or two of talking on the phone with Erdogan. I think we have to stop
seeing Trump as being strictly a representative of the US capitalist class,
or at least the ascendant wing of that class. He is as much a
representative of the Russian ruling class, as I've written many times in
the past. This is a totally unprecedented situation, and we need to
recognize it.

John Reimann

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