[Marxism] This memo is being circulated online from Wikileaks re: Syria and ousting Assad.

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The article in the conspiracist tabloid Mintpress begins by saying that
this Wikileaks "Clinton email" "has not gotten the attention it deserves."
Small wonder, since anybody seriously interested at the time it was
published would have done about 10 minutes research and found it wasn't an
email by Clinton, but an email to Clinton, like 1000s of emails with policy
suggestions and advice that circulate each year, the overwhelming majority
of which wind up in obscurity or the trash.

Here's the original; it was actually a little more public than most,
because James Rubin published it in Foreign Policy:

If Clinton had held those views, she could have said so. Instead, in that
same year (2012) she was more interested in claiming that to arm the rebels
would effectively be supporting "al-Qaida," and Hamas, which “is now
supporting the opposition.” If “you're trying to figure out do you have the
elements of an opposition that is actually viable, that we don't see.”

But imagine, Mintpress spreading untruths and conspiracist rubbish! Surely

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> Lazare is a conspiracy theorist. Many years ago, he was a member of the
> sect that would go on to form WSWS.org. Conspiracy theory in these
> circles is an occupational hazard.
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