[Marxism] How the Left Should Respond to Ethnic Cleansing in China

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 06:32:52 MST 2019

I did not read that paragraph that way. And furthermore the paternalism and ambiance of enlightened Western humanism juxtaposed against the Asian authoritarian regime is pretty obviously on display. Americans are kind of in the middle of ethnically cleansing various communities of color in North America such as Harlem so it is pretty hypocritical for a publication like The Nation to take such a posture when they are silent about gentrification going on literally ten blocks north of their Manhattan office in Harlem is pathetic double standards. I don’t have any interest in apologias for the Chinese Communist Party with regards to this but I also have zero interest in this type of hypocrisy. It’s equivalent to the worst moments of when Stalin was alive.

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> On 1/16/19 10:02 PM, Andrew Stewart wrote:
> Can we at least agree on the fact that any argument that begins with citing Samantha Powers is a moral abortion? This clearly is written for the chorus of pwogwessive Democrats who say much, do little, and think even less.

But the article goes on to credit anti-imperialists for opposing "right to protect" type interventions: "A group of anti-imperialist intellectuals, in particular, have responded to Trump’s election by crafting an avowedly left-wing foreign policy that doubts the efficacy and morality of humanitarian intervention." The authors take their side but warn against ending up in Grayzone territory, where anybody opposed to the Chinese government is turned into an agent of imperialism.

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