[Marxism] Mexican president AMLO linked to new corruption allegation in El Chapo trial ? VICE News

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 17:32:41 MST 2019

I heard an interview on KPFA with a journalist in Mexico City concerning
the same allegations against former president Pena Nieto. The journalist,
whose name I don't recall, said that there are various views about the
claim. His view was that if, indeed, Pena Nieto got $100 million (I think
it was), then el Chapo was cheated, because he (el chapo) was in prison for
years and was recaptured and sent to the US by the Pena Nieto government.
So what did el Chaop get for his money?

In my experience, Mexican politics are extremely obscure. When I was
spending a lot of time there, I'd read in the news about some official who
was arrested for corruption. Then, the next day, there would be an article
saying that the arrested person was explaining that, no, he wasn't taking
bribes. In fact, what happened was that he was investigating those who were
taking bribes and they had him arrested to stop the investigation. Then,
the following day there would be an article saying that both parties were
taking bribes and a third party had tried to get in on it, couldn't, and
got the other two arrested. Back and forth, round and round it would go and
nobody knew what was true and what was fiction, except for the fact that
they were ALL crooked.

So, who knows about this claim? Is it true? Or maybe el Chapo is trying to
get back at those who had him arrested? Or something else? The only thing
we can be certain of is that we'll never know.

John Reimann

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