[Marxism] Impeach Trump Now - The Atlantic

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 21:14:39 MST 2019

If you think we've seen gridlock in Washington now, just put Pence in the
White House.  Combine the authoritarian impulses and arrogance of media
celebrity of Trump with the self-righteousness of an evangelical.

Mind you, I prefer gridlock.  There are few there who place any priority on
doing us any good.  (With a few exceptions, those eager young
"progressives" who've appeared since the election mostly just look
"progressive" standing alongside the Trumpified Republicans.)  Whenever the
bulk of them agree on something--that's the majority of the Congress, the
White House, and the judiciary--it's almost always going to be bad for us.
I mean, they've created the greatest structural polarization of wealth in
history.  And it still wasn't enough, so they had to do that "tax reform."

And worse, nobody with any clout knows how to fight it or just doesn't want
to fight it.   . . . And I don't mean going to the polls and voting for
more of the same.

The official labor movement is so dead useless on this scale that you have
Republican congressman quietly hoping the air traffic controllers will
strike.  A nice 24-hour general strike would be a damned good start to
getting our brothers and sisters now forced to work for nothing some
assistance.  (btw, didn't we fight a goddamned civil war over that
"involuntary sevitude" crap?)

Or even a mass march on Washington--I mean hundreds of thousands of
millions and not just paid lobbyists with a few celebrities.

But, of course, such things would scare the crap out of almost all of them

. . . which is exactly what we need to do . . . if we're serious.

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