[Marxism] From Exile to Dirtbag: Edgelord geopolitics and the rise of ?National Bolshevism? in the U.S.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 21 13:51:04 MST 2019

On 1/21/19 3:34 PM, Andrew Stewart wrote:
> This is the same old guilt-by-association brand of social network 
> analysis that ARR thrives off. He's pulled this shit with people from 
> Black Agenda Report that are in the peace movement also. It's not too 
> sensational to learn that someone like Richard Spencer enjoyed the eXile 
> once you study the alt-right discourse and style for a while. Basically 
> the alt-right combines postmodern irony, South Park taboo comedy, and 
> fascist ideology. eXile was apparently loaded to the brim with the first 
> two while trying to lampoon the pillage of the Russian state under 
> Yeltsin. Spencer was in Russia and read an English-language periodical 
> catered to English-language expats. That's a pretty wide audience 
> demographic, particularly because the Russian language alphabet is 
> Cyrillic as opposed to Latin. Ames and Taibbi were carrying on like 
> drug-addled teenagers in the midst of a Wall Street feeding frenzy. 
> Spencer was getting into fascist politics and networking with the 
> Alexander Dugin folks. This is basically McCarthyism, sliming people for 
> the magazines they either read, subscribe to, or edit.

McCarthyism involved firing people from their jobs and even being put in 
prison for years like Junius Scales, the only CPer convicted for 
violating the Smith Act.

I have heard this repeatedly for the past 7 years like when Rania Khalek 
got booted from Electronic Intifada for the crap she had been writing 
about Syria. When people complain about what someone is writing, that is 
not the same thing as the FBI coming to your house and pressuring you to 
name names.

I deal with this stuff here:


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