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Mon Jan 21 18:57:12 MST 2019

National Bolshevism never gained a foothold in Germany. By the time that 
Hitler came to power, any leftist tendencies in his own movement as 
expressed by the Strasserite wing would soon be sacrificed to the old 
elites in the Night of the Long Knives.

In today’s world, the only place it seems to have any traction is 
post-Communist Russia. In 1991 Eduard Limonov founded the National 
Bolshevik Party that despite its failure to amount to anything (it was 
eventually banned) anticipated much of the program of the Russian 
ultraright today.

Limonov went into exile from the USSR in 1974 and took up residence in 
New York where he became drawn to the punk underground and the Socialist 
Workers Party of all things. A fascinating profile on Limonov appeared 
in the March 2, 2008 NY Times Sunday Magazine:

	Limonov arrived in New York in 1975, at the dawn of punk. He discovered 
CBGB, fell for Patti Smith and Richard Hell and knew everyone from Steve 
Rubell to the local members of the Socialist Workers Party. “Edichka” [a 
reference to the character based on the author in the novel “It’s Me, 
Eddie”] oozes with bodily fluids — the hero, abandoned by his wife, 
Elena, goes on “nocturnal rambles on the West Side” that feature serial 
sexual encounters with homeless black men. The thin plot lines, however, 
thread two dominant leitmotifs: self-indulgence and condescension.

Oh, well. Exposure to the Socialist Workers Party does strange things to 
people. I never ran into Limonov but can easily imagine someone like him 
evolving into a fascist. It would not be the first time.

The more famous example is Lyndon Larouche whose website—quelle 
surprise—makes arguments familiar to those with Counterfire:

Ukraine, WW3 & Extinction – Lyndon LaRouche & Alex Jones
Thursday, February 20, 2014 8:50

(Before It’s News)

Lyndon LaRouche joins Alex Jones for an interview about the unfolding 
situation in the Ukraine that could quickly devolve into World War 3 and 
thermo-nuclear annihilation for most of the world. Using such words as 
‘extinction’, LaRouche warns that every day of a Barack Obama presidency 
puts us moments away from the extinction of the human race, an 
extinction that according to LaRouche could occur in the next few days, 
next week or next month.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2014/05/09/national-bolshevism-rides-again/

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