[Marxism] From Exile to Dirtbag: Edgelord geopolitics and the rise of “National Bolshevism” in the U.S.

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 11:15:33 MST 2019

Added bonus, now this "anarchist" freakshow is re-blogging propaganda from
the Anti-Defamation League, the Zionist organization that organizes Israeli
government trainings for US cops and leads the pack to dehumanize
Palestinians: https://twitter.com/areidross/status/1088114649164201984 .

The map he finds so fascinating doesn't appear to have any explicitly
anti-Palestine materials but the mere fact that he is signal boosting them
as though they are a legitimate civil rights organization (particularly
given his own conspiratorial "everyone-is-in-cahoots-burn-everything"
attitude under which he is willing to tar people for much less) should
indicate that he is a fraud. It's also a map that indicates almost the
exact opposite of what it proclaims to document, namely some sort of rise
in anti-Semitism. Most of the "incidents" listed are teenagers making Jew
jokes and idiots from hate groups putting up flyers on bulletin boards.
Hardly a reason to beef up security at the beer hall.

As far as Richard Spencer goes, honestly, who cares? RS praised Chapo Trap
House for being into internet trolling culture. There is no political
similarity. Even if he were to say something like "I like Chapo Trap House
and agree with everything they say," that would be an obvious
unidirectional endorsement and has the significance of David Duke endorsing
Occupy Wall Street. Those people have their own political agenda and
Leftists do not have any control over it. Neither Chapo Trap House nor the
Chapo community has anything but scorn for the right-wing. They are almost
entirely behind Bernie Sanders and the DSA.

I spoke to Finkelstein about Unz after the last time it came up. He does
not publish for Unz; Unz reblogs things he has written elsewhere, including
on his own website. Unz is also apparently a zillionaire while Finkelstein
was fired from his job for defending Palestine. If the $$$ payment rumor is
true, I think it is obvious why Finkelstein might have taken the money and
it again hardly shows any sort of political likemindedness. The rest of
these people have gone on various programs or endorsed stupid ideas. That
is the normal course of the Left and hardly indicates what ARR is implying,
namely some sort of fascist tendency.

Amith R. Gupta

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