[Marxism] Corbynism - where has the mass movement gone? | openDemocracy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 25 06:30:55 MST 2019

In 2015 after Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership, John McDonnell said that 
Socialism is no longer a word you have to whisper in Labour. Fighting 
talk, but the 2017 manifesto promised only limited nationalisations and 
the current direction is firmly for a mixed economy with some regulation 
and a few modest tax increases – in other words a solid social 
democratic agenda.

The painfully moderate nature of Labour’s politics leads to a strange 
cognitive dissonance where activists herald Corbyn’s Labour as both a 
huge left-wing breakthrough whilst also pointing out that it is no more 
radical than Norway in the 1980s. The notion of realigning Britain with 
social democracy in Europe seems refreshing considering the last 40 
years of neoliberalism and a decade of austerity, but there is little 
indication that we are developing a critical appreciation of the 
problems and near-collapse of social democracy.


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