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41: LA Teachers’ Strike; Helen Scott on Rosa Luxemburg’s Legacy

In this episode, we talk to Helen Scott about the life and legacy of Rosa
Luxemburg on the 100th anniversary of Luxemburg’s murder. We discuss her
most essential works, The Mass Strike and Reform or Revolution, and talk
about the historical context of Luxemburg’s political ideas as well as
their relevance for today’s new socialist left. In our opening segment, we
talk to LA teacher and strike leader Gillian Russom. This episode was
recorded prior to the enormous victory won by the teachers, but it remains
invaluable in its description of what a win would be, how they organized
themselves and the community, and what the fight will look like after the
strike ends.

Helen Scott is the editor of The Essential Rosa Luxemburg: Reform or
Revolution and the Mass Strike (Haymarket Books, 2008) and co-editor, with
Paul LeBlanc, of an anthology of Luxemburg’s writings, Socialism or
Barbarism (Pluto Press, 2010). She is Associate Professor of English at the
University of Vermont and a member of United Academics: AFT/AAUP. She has
published articles on Rosa Luxemburg in International Socialist Review,
Socialist Studies, and New Formations and is on the editorial board of the
Verso Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, for which she will be co-editing
Volume 5 with Paul Le Blanc.

Gillian Russom has been a rank-and-file teacher activist in UTLA for 18
years. She is part of the Union Power caucus and has been a leader in the
fight to transform her union into a social-justice union capable of waging
a fight against the forces of public education reform.

Links for our opener on the LA teachers’ strike:
*Gillian Russom at Socialist Worker on the strike victory (

*Diana Macasa and Alex Schmaus on the inspiration behind Tacos for Teachers

*Danny Katch gives 10 reasons to support the LA teachers (

*Melissa Rakestraw and Elizabeth Lalasz reporting from the picket lines on
“Five days that stunned LA’s billionaires” (

*Video of a strike solidarity meeting featuring Gillian Russom and teachers
from Chicago and Oakland (bit.ly/LASolidarity

Links for our interview with Helen Scott:
*Helen Scott’s edition of The Essential Rosa Luxemburg (

*Paul LeBlanc on Rosa Luxemburg’s revolutionary socialism (

*Paul LeBlanc on Rosa Luxemburg and the pathway to socialism (

*Danny Katch explores modern takes on the historic debates around reform,
revolution and the road to power (

Music and audio clips in this episode

Excerpt of a speech by Alex Caputo-Pearl, the president of the United
Teachers of Los Angeles, addressing a massive rally of LA teachers five
days into the strike
Aryana Fields (5th grade student in LA public school), "This is a Strike
ScHoolboy Q, “X” (with 2 Chainz and Saudi) from the Black Panther soundtrack
Pedro Pastor, “La Rosa de Luxemburgo” with Eva Sierra
The Laggan, “Rosa Luxembourg”
Purge, “Rosa Luxemburg”

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