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why did Park not mention the flight attendants' union head call for a
general strike?

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> Who ended the shutdown? The Democrats? Nancy Pelosi? Mitch McConnell?
> None of the above.
> The shutdown got shut down when workers took Laguardia Airport off-line
> on Friday, January 25. A rolling disaster of massive commercial
> disruption was about to unfold for capitalist America and that pushed
> the GOP over the edge.
> Disgusted and outraged employees – TSA security and FAA air traffic
> controllers – did what their unions should have done at least two weeks
> ago.  We don’t know what positive role IF ANY their national union
> leadership played here. More likely, as with all great accomplishments
> for workers rights, the real leadership probably came from the bottom,
> from the workers collectively voting with their feet.
> In past momentous worker actions (like getting the 8 hour day) what
> typically happened was some outrage finally broke the camel’s back and
> thousands of workers hit the streets, with their leadership frantically
> racing to catch-up with the members. We’ll have to watch and see if the
> current union leadership at the top even bothers to get out and walk
> quickly, let alone run; to acknowledge the profound lesson we just
> learned, again.
> full: http://newpol.org/content/who-shut-down-shutdown
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