[Marxism] A critique of Rancière Politics.

andrew coates pabs47 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 27 07:59:29 MST 2019

"Rancière is  a critic of “post-democracy”, who is probably the first to have used the term. "

"Many of Rancière opinions are now intelligible to mainstream commentators. Given the often extremely abstract character of his writings, this is an achievement. The aim of this article is to indicate that while he has raised important issues, and made some interesting contributions to thinking about politics, his ideas are flawed and offer little to left politics. Rancière, with all the baggage about elites, plutocrats and oligarchs, and anti-institutional democracy, represents one of the stumbling blocks holding back the creation of a left able to grapple with ‘populism’."


Andrew Coates

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