[Marxism] Amy Goodman publicizes racist: More of the red-brown alliance in action

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Tue Jan 29 14:22:34 MST 2019

" But the assembled quotes from de Zayas do point up how an unprincipled
anti-Americanism can lead to extremely problematic territory. To wit:
• "Israel emerged out of terrorism against the indigenous population" and
its representatives should be denied U.N. accreditation. Source

So to criticize leftists at DN for bringing on a right-wing mouthpiece like
de Zayas, you guys cite a leftist blog (CounterVortex) that cites
right-wing mouthpieces and Zionist war propaganda (like UN Watch)?

There is nothing "problematic" about half of those quotes. The Old
Testament, like most ancient religious literature, is a barbaric book.
Nuremburg was an exercise in victor's justice, which is why subsequent
international criminal tribunals tried to make serious structural changes
to the process, including standardizing (or attempting to standardize)
international criminal law. The Allies did commit horrific wartime
atrocities, just as the Axis powers did, even if genocide wasn't one of
them. And Israel is unambiguously a regime that emerged out of terrorism
against the indigenous population. And even as the piece notes that UN
Watch is "pro-Western" (which is misleading, unless by "Western" you mean
"Israel"), it still depends on UN Watch for half of the material and even
repeats Israeli propaganda. It is also worth noting how the implicit
suggestion is that being "pro-Western" or pro-Israel and attempting to
discredit human rights agencies that monitor Israeli abuses -- which are
happening in real time -- does not qualify as racism or right-wing activism
(at least, not enough to stop quoting them), while this man's affiliations
with groups that downplay atrocities that happened historically do.

That de Zayas is apparently a German fascist or has fascist supporters is
being used by this blog as a launching point to assail not only Democracy
Now but a series of totally valid and fundamentally left-wing political
causes including anti-Zionism and anti-imperialism. It smells like an
Anti-Deutsch blog.

And it is transparent they aren't just going at DN for the mistake of
hosting a fake expert with Nazi ties (which is a reasonable criticism), but
actually substantively opposed to opposition to imperialism and Zionism (or
at least, totally clueless about both things) and they are using this man's
appearance to give it the veneer of being principled leftists.

Amith R. Gupta

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> https://countervortex.org/node/16232?fbclid=IwAR3bvY7IR69dbjwAorVT-aLItywJ5ZxYH5KBlrUiF5oZGbsHHthjXwKzk6k
> <
> https://countervortex.org/node/16232?fbclid=IwAR3bvY7IR69dbjwAorVT-aLItywJ5ZxYH5KBlrUiF5oZGbsHHthjXwKzk6k
> >
> >
> > Amy Goodman has put on her show one Alfred de Zayas, a supposed "former
> UN
> > expert" on human rights. He was put on to discuss Venezuela. As the
> article
> > reveals, de Zayas is a supporter of the AfD in Germany. He only "opposes"
> > US imperialism because he supports Putin and Russian imperialism. We see,
> > once again, how all these radical lefts, or in the case of Goodman a left
> > liberal, are fodder for the red-brown alliance because they completely
> miss
> > the main point: The class conflict.
> It seems worth pointing out that Bill acknowledges it was Alexander Reid
> Ross who first brought this to his attention:
> https://twitter.com/areidross/status/1089301480803229697
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