[Marxism] Amy Goodman publicizes racist: More of the red-brown alliance in action

mkaradjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 19:49:59 MST 2019

To be fair, I very much doubt Amy Goodman knew anything about Zaya's
background. I also unknowingly quoted him in some discussion, though only
on a purely factual matter. If you look at this wikipedia page on him,
there is nothing about nazi connections, in fact his work looks rather
The link, I think, is that he did genuine research on the mass expulsion of
the German population from eastern Europe and the Balkans in 1945, one of
the world's largest ever forced population movements, some 13 million
German civilians uprooted, who form some 20% of today's population of
Germany. This valid work is what seems to have attracted the attention of
the German far-right, but unfortunately there is now overwhelming evidence
that Zayas himself has right-wing and anti-Semitic ideas.
Just on Amith's comment:

> • "Israel emerged out of terrorism against the indigenous population" and
> its representatives should be denied U.N. accreditation. Source
> <http://www.currentconcerns.ch/index.php?id=165>"
> So to criticize leftists at DN for bringing on a right-wing mouthpiece like
> de Zayas, you guys cite a leftist blog (CounterVortex) that cites
> right-wing mouthpieces and Zionist war propaganda (like UN Watch)?
> There is nothing "problematic" about half of those quotes.
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I agree there is nothing problematic about half the quotes, it is the other
half that are the problem ("George W. Bush and Tony Blair too are
Pharisees."!) Weinberg himself is anti-Zionist so his inclusion of this bit
is confusing, likewise his point about the US destabilising the middle
east, but further down he seems to be saying that, yes, some of these
points are valid, but he put them next to the bad ones in order to put them
in context, ie, a far rightist can appear anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist
when taken out of context. He says for example yes the US destrabilised
Iraq, but not Syria. On the Israel bit, he says "this (ie, the anti-Semitic
stuff) taints whatever points he may have about the origins of Israel
(although it is hardly the only state to have "emerged out of terrorism
against the indigenous population").
Admittedly, at first sight, the list does seem a bit of a shocker though,
and he could have avoided that if he's done it better.

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