[Marxism] Syrian Kurds tell Washington they may join forces with Assad if US pulls out of Syria

Chris Slee chris_w_slee at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 30 17:14:43 MST 2019

RKOB says the SDF has "friends in Washington and Damascus".  Neither the US government nor the Assad regime are "friends" of the SDF.  But the SDF is open to tactical agreements with either of them to deter the threat of further Turkish aggression against northern and northeastern Syria.

This is a real danger.  Turkey has already invaded Afrin, so Erdogan's threats to invade Manbij and the northeast must be taken seriously.

Currently the presence of US troops deters a Turkish attack.  But Trump has said these will be withdrawn soon.

One option is for Assad regime troops to be stationed in northeastern Syria, on the Syria-Turkey border.

Another option is for a UN-declared no fly zone over northeastern Syria to deprive the invading Turkish troops of air support.

At this stage neither of these options has been agreed on.  They are merely hypothetical possibilities.

There has been a small example of cooperation between the SDF and Assad to deter Turkish
threats.  A small contingent of regime troops moved into the SDF-controlled town of Arima to discourage a possible attack from Turkish-controlled Syrian territory west of Manbij.

But there is no broader agreement on the defence of Syria against further Turkish aggression.

Chris Slee

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Another confirmation that the "anti-imperialist" and "left-wing" YPG/SDF
has many friends in Washington and Damascus


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