[Marxism] Human Rights report re: Venezuela

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 7 17:49:16 MDT 2019

On 7/7/19 7:23 PM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:
> Of course, the Times publishes this report about Venezuela and not about
> Israel or Saudi Arabia, but that doesn't make this report false. As for its
> author, former left Argentinian president Bachelet - while she was in
> office, she supported Maduro. No, she's not a fighting socialist, but
> neither is she simply a stooge for US imperialism.

The problem is that the report is based on the findings of 3 NGOs, two 
of which are very problematic. They are networked with Freedom House, 
the OAS, the Central American University. All of these institutions are 
determined to get rid of all traces of Chavismo. The head of one of the 
NGO's was already part of the counter-revolution when Chavez tried to 
make the PDVSA reflect the needs of the Venezuelan poor. I have no 
doubts that Maduro has exercised authoritarian practices but the NY 
Times reporting on Venezuela has been rancid.

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