[Marxism] In Defense of Ecological Marxism: John Bellamy Foster responds to a critic

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 8 17:14:31 MDT 2019

I think this animosity directed toward Jason Moore is not warranted. 
I've been following debates among ecosocialists for 20 years now and I 
have never understood the attempt to trash people. I saw this first with 
James O'Connor's assault on John Bellamy Foster in CNS and it has 
continued over the years. I see Foster and Moore writing about the same 
phenomena but from different angles. I have some criticisms of Moore's 
work, especially the harping on Descartes that I don't think adds much 
in terms of theory. With Foster, I think there is too much of a 
temptation on his part to recycle things he has written. Even though the 
article are always worth reading, I'd like to see him explore new areas, 
particularly the degrowth question. Anyhow, I probably shouldn't 
offering my two cents on this because there's no bigger skunk than me.


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