[Marxism] DSA/Jacobin/Haymarket-sponsored 'Socialism' conference features US gov-funded regime-change activists | The Grayzone

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Tue Jul 9 03:21:21 MDT 2019

On Sat, Jul 6, 2019 at 12:41 PM Louis Proyect via Marxism <
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> This is the kind of article I'd expect to read in WSWS.org. These guys
> are wacko.
> https://thegrayzone.com/2019/07/06/dsa-jacobin-iso-socialism-conference-us-funded-regime-change/

They are wacko middle class moralists.  They don't approach world politics
on a marxist, materialist workers class struggle basis but on an abstract
moral perspective of taking a stance against evil (U.S. imperialist
government) on the side of good (governments in conflict with U.S.
government).  The capitalist regime oppressing workers in Russia is on the
"anti-imperialist" good side in their book.

The modus operandi of these wackos is not based on working class struggle
but instead on bourgeois moral purity.  They search to find some connection
- however insignificant, distant, accidental (or predictable, given
politics in a capitalist world) - that their target has with some
capitalist entity, government or non-governmental.  See! we have proven
that our enemies are not pure, now we can reveal that they are part of a
conscious and secret imperialist plot.

This is the simplistic moralist methodology of Russian
counter-revolutionaries who accused Lenin and the Bolsheviks of being
traitors and German agents: the Bolsheviks took money and assistance from
the German government!

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